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June 13, 2008, 10:00:02 PM

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Author Topic: simple strategies, and tactics.  (Read 143 times)
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« on: May 07, 2008, 03:51:01 PM »

i have strategies to share, we all together pour in some basic strategy and tactic works. other 'advanced' strategies are for wach teams to find out themselves Cheesy

1. basic US WWII attack strategy
4 basic steps for small squads to progress and live in the battlefield.

i  - firefight- spot enemy squad, go on firefight.
ii - suppress - pin down enemy, so that they are disabled and taking cover from fire
iii - flank - take a couple of guys together to either side, making a big outer round turn and reaching the enemy at firing distance
iiii - finish em  - take the shot.

2. roles inside squad.
best to divide the squad into two smaller groups. 1 fire team, 1 assault team.

fire team - more towards giving support fire, suppressing fire. have long range and firepower availability
assault team - better in terms of agility and speed to flank. field awareness are a good attribute in a person. (more like a forward in a snake, flank a person, getting a better spot and firing distance and THEN shoot)

3. patrol
best in small squads of 4 called quad group. usually consist of spotter/sniper , machine gunner, assault, and medic. medic can be replaced with a field mobile radioman. patrol must be made frequent, treading just touching the hostile territory. it also can be a defensive measure to counter other hostile troops, or to start making a big strike, by teasing the opposing team; getting to know their strong and weak side. it also can be a deep penetration patrol, usually by experienced players. patrol is one of the best way to keep things in safe order, detecting any weird changes in enemy patterns, and also to make field recon to set up a forward base, the works. but it aint easy to make it work properly.

4. stealth
in a jungle, easy to become stealth. just stop talking and stop moving (event some point stop breathing) and you can become 'invincible.' hide marker between body and the ground as its not an in organic shape. stick to the ground/natural surrounding like tree or rock as it will provide some optical illusion and also approriate cover.

5. spotting enemy. eyes and ears open wide.
other than experience, a hunch also make it a really big help. i once 'saved' a whole squad by staying down and quiet while progressing up the field. my feelings were true, as soon there were a big squad coming our way. to know this, see the environment about natural behaviour. if there's not much things going on in the jungle, there will be birds, things going around and all. if there is something going very 'quiet' and stagnant in front of you, something's not right. take cover/prepare defenses/set up an ambush.
you can make the environment to go back to its normal sequence, that, leave it to you lah. cant tell my secret lah Cheesy

any other materials u guys want to put in, just share it with the rest lah. Smiley

p/s: alamak, should be putting this into another board lah, into "All Troop Matters-Recruitment,Roles,Confirmation etc etc"
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Asian Connection-Xtion Paintball Forum!  |  Scenario and SIM Scene  |  S & S Scene Chat  |  Topic: simple strategies, and tactics. « previous next »
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