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 Copter insertion
Author: Ex-Guest (61.170.197.---)
Date:   06-28-04 21:24

Maybe u guys wanna try this out if you haven't already...

Copter Recon.
I member holding a flag will have 1 min of immunity as he runs into enemy territory and out. Game starts immediately after that.

Copter insert.
Shoulder tap, whole team moves into field, can insert/disperse anywhere.Immunity while in copter...

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 Re: Copter insertion
Author: gungho (202.71.98.---)
Date:   06-29-04 23:45

sound like an interesting idea for scenarios.maybe u can teach us when u are down here.

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 Re: Copter insertion
Author: Ex-Guest (218.80.61.---)
Date:   06-30-04 10:07

Thanks! U guys can always tink up new and exciting idea to try.

I've had a game where we simulated parachute mis-drops much like WW2.Team elemination mode. Great fun but works better with small teams.

All members are blinded folded,led into field and scattered. Making sure no one can be immediately sighted.

Horn and Game starts,blind fold off, and its really freaky trying to get your orientation and not knowing where are your team mates and of course the enemy out there.

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 Re: Copter insertion
Author: gungho (202.71.98.---)
Date:   06-30-04 22:51

wah,your 2nd suggestion sounds really good.a must try.

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 Re: Copter insertion
Author: jackal (219.93.212.---)
Date:   07-13-04 01:57

i alway miss this jungle game scenarios. I miss the jungle alot. I was born and breed in the mosquito's farm. after having so much fun in speedball, nothing is better and spookier than hunting your prey in the shadows of lalang and dead trees.

Anyone watch The Wrong Turns and Cabin Fever . Plenty of suspense and thrill if you been hunted by a bunch of Rednecks or psychos.

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