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Author:  (219.92.3.---)
Date:   07-05-04 23:00

24 teams participated in the recent MPA's KL Open tournament . Including one team from Negara Brunei Darussalam. Easily considered to be the toughest tournament to date ; out of pool of 24 teams , i dare to say at least 12 teams took the field as a seasoned paintballers.

My team made it to the final after nine straight wins - unfortunately , we faltered at the last hurdle. i only have one regret ; after playing under the hot sun for two days, why on earth we have to use one game format for the final? After all , the quarter final were based on three... funny ehh?

Well... one thing for sure, all team from Xtionpaintball still dominate the game. first , second , third - McEffect , Guns N Bruises , Desert fox respectively.. and contribute 6 teams in the quater final , Knighthawk , Shawdow fox and debutants El Banditos.. well done boys and uncles...hehehe...we are still the best in Malaysia.


' Top Gun "

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 Re: KL OPEN -
Author:  (219.92.3.---)
Date:   07-06-04 22:04

Guns N Bruises route to final :

First day -

Guns 'n' Bruises beat Raskal Goal 92-16
Guns 'n' Bruises beat Southern Cobra 94-12
Guns 'n' Bruises beat Hantam Keromo 98-4
Guns 'n' Bruises beat The Sun 94-12
Guns 'n' Bruises beat Mc Effect 94-12

Second day -

Guns 'n' Bruises beat Reccers UPM 100-0
Guns 'n' Bruises beat R 2 98-4

Quarter final - Guns 'n' Bruises beat Bullseye ( x 2 )

Semi final - Guns 'n' Bruises beat Raskal Red

Final - Mc Effect beat Guns 'n' Bruises

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 Re: KL OPEN -
Author: snake eyes [Rainbow 6] (202.186.66.---)
Date:   07-06-04 22:16

Hi Top Gun & Paul,

Thanks for the lunch "Fried Rice + Ayam Goreng", it was good and the team enjoyed it!

Once again, thank you.



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 Re: KL OPEN -
Author:  (219.94.56.---)
Date:   07-07-04 00:16

Xtionpaintball, G & B and Dessert Fox,

Well done guys, Congrates and Hope to see you win more in the near future.

We salute you!!


The Bear
Dean CK Lau
Skirmish Paintball Asia

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 Re: KL OPEN -
Author: raphael (202.179.106.---)
Date:   07-19-04 00:02

thanks BEAR!!!!!!!


raphael [TMNT]

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 Re: KL OPEN -
Author:  (202.71.98.---)
Date:   07-19-04 23:25


Don't forget to collect your certificates from MPA . We need it for promo..

' Top Gun'

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