Paintball Matches

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Author:  (219.95.212.---)
Date:   07-08-04 23:18

We would like to thank xtion Paintball for having us as part of their family, we promise to try to do our best to promote xtion paintball. We would also like pleadge of alliance with fellow xtion paintball teams. Our fellow Bandits also felt very much at home with you guys!!!

thank you very much and we will try to do you proud.

Raja "D'Boss" Shafril

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 Re: El-Bandito's
Author:  (219.92.3.---)
Date:   07-13-04 00:10

fellow banditos ,

Good luck for the upcoming UPM tournament.. as long as u guys stay focus , u can go very far. Don't forget on Sunday at 2 pm we will have a magazine shoot for banditos and the bruises..


' Top Gun '

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 Re: El-Bandito's
Author:  (219.95.42.---)
Date:   07-19-04 01:59

HEY EL's.......

Congrats and sorry I wasn't there to see your final, got to go early. For a 3months team, I solute you guys man. You really show the old guys some thing man....

Cheers and keep up the good work.

See you in Perlis.

The Bear

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 Re: El-Bandito's
Author:  (
Date:   07-19-04 22:17

Thank you guys for your support and encouragement!! really appreciate it very much!!!

Take Care,


Raja Shafril

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 Re: El-Bandito's
Author:  (202.71.98.---)
Date:   07-19-04 23:12

fellowship of banditos,

Three cheers for the newly crowned UPM champion ! Banditos boleh ; Banditos boleh; Banditos boleh.....hehehe

This coming sunday at 2pm onwards we are trying to promote an All Ladies Game . Most of the directors wives will be around with their girlfriends to have few games. Hopefully Banditos will bring their groupies too.

See u on Sunday.


' Top Gun '

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