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 time to improve the forum
Author: jackal (219.93.213.---)
Date:   03-05-04 05:19

this forum is getting more replies and newbies like me around and I personally thinks that the management should revamp this forum and categorised the page for easy reading like this forum. can sent a message to your mailbox if someone replies in your thread or the messages you left there. It's also easy to browse the page by using indexing .

You can also sent mail or sent a personal message to the person. Can track down the identity of the phantom.

It can also have photos in the forum.

There are moderators who can block foul language etc

Imagine we have to scroll down the whole page to see back the message we left off and it's getting longer.

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author: snake eyes [Rainbow 6] (202.186.66.---)
Date:   03-05-04 07:58

Yeah, agreed with Jackal, its' time to revamped it!!! been telling you guys, internet sites makes an impact more than word of mouth or newspaper....the medium is so fast like a virus that spread thru net like a wild fire ....and you'll get even singaporeans visiting x-treme park coz they heard of this place via net....!!!

so yeah, Top Gun, it's your call!!!

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author:  (203.115.239.---)
Date:   03-08-04 01:08

word of mouth is word of wisdom,
talk alot better talk seldom,
make my day i'll make yours better,
take a pick i'll shoot you babe.

I think is better to have a online chat room for all paintballers than to have everybody chatting through here. Forum means update on news and progress of our national paintball activities. not chatting...........
I think it's better having a forum in the park then on the net. You wanna shoot someone shoot them face to face.

I'll shy of this site if people overseas are reading this page. If you know what i mean???!!!

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author: Raphael [TMNT] (211.24.129.---)
Date:   03-08-04 01:10

hehehehehe cheeky u commander cheeky u!

raphael [TMNT]

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author: ANDREW-abit gungho (218.208.239.---)
Date:   03-08-04 01:53

hehehehehe cheeky u commander cheeky u!

dona-telor [remaja mutasi kura-kura ninja!]

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author: jackal (
Date:   03-08-04 06:56

i think the website , i refered to has the chatroom, personal message and can edit the messages u had wrongly posted. u can also insert your website address if u have one too.

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 Re: time to improve the forum
Author:  (202.71.98.---)
Date:   03-09-04 10:13

Yeah guys i agree... we're in the middle of uprading few areas in this web. I need more many work so little time.

We r quite famous already. Few Aussies email to me asking to be a long distance member. Countless from Singapore..they came here few times but always play among themselves. As for the Aussies..they plan to fly in from down under to play with our top team end of this year.

To make a long story short...we are famous guys..thanks to our website.

Top Gun

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