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 faiz got a baby girl
Author: raphael (211.24.129.---)
Date:   03-12-04 00:13

to all our beloved friend and team mate faiz got a beautiful baby girl this morning.........

desert fox team and all can contact him and send him ur wishes through his the moment he shall be at the kelana jaya hospital........shooting paintball wit his daugther..........hehehehehehe

raphael [TMNT]

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 Re: faiz got a baby girl
Author: snake eyes [Rainbow 6] (202.186.66.---)
Date:   03-12-04 03:43

Hey Chief,

Congrats on the new "cahaya mata" - correct my spelling!?

May you be happy always!


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 Re: faiz got a baby girl
Author: ANDREW-abit gungho (219.95.200.---)
Date:   03-12-04 04:20

Faiz! a.k.a. PAPA!!!!!! congrats!!! congrats!!! My bestest regards and wishes for you and your family......... ;) So when is the next one?

Ze best wishes,
Andrew Loh

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 Re: faiz got a baby girl
Author: sleeper (210.187.3.---)
Date:   03-14-04 21:56

got ur camo diapers yet??

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 Re: faiz got a baby girl
Author: jackal (219.93.212.---)
Date:   03-15-04 09:19

medic, congratulation ! what a happy father finally . Bow to you lah. now I know why paintball can make a happy father. ;) kekeke

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 Re: faiz got a baby girl
Author: Medic (202.71.98.---)
Date:   03-16-04 04:04

Thanks Guys

I have been busy. Not easy to be a father....less sleep, more stress and i miss paintball.

Special thank you to Gary, Rosy, John, Olivia, Raja Anor, K.C Yap and Jeff.

I will be training Little Sofiya soon with the help of Desert Fox, Raskal, Knight Hawk and Rainbow 6

Congratulations..... Raja (Raskal) got a baby too...... Best Wishes......


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