Paintball Matches

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 Suggetion and Feedback
Author:  (
Date:   06-13-04 22:45

to make this website interesting , make an online e-zine out of it and deal with some sponsor for advertisement.

Keep updating news about paintball around the nation.

One suggestion, bring this sport out to the urban city . work with giant companies like maxis and nokia to bring this sports to the next level. Make it mobile like MPA did .

How about finding a beautiful girl and makes her your event manageress to promote this sport to the city in KL.
Can you imagine this sport will be play in Time Square, Merdeka Square or Bukit Bintang Walk?

This is all I can suggest to the management .

Team Desert Fox

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 Re: Suggetion and Feedback
Author:  (202.71.98.---)
Date:   06-14-04 01:20

Jackal ,

We already built an engine for pictures insertions . Two weeks from now we will also have a new forum complete with an archive for old messages .

Next will be the international standard X ball field which is our main priority followed by dealership for various merchandises . Subsequent to that , there are other urgent things that must be done with regards to our business...then we may follow your idea . MPA can do well because they have Paintball Event Network, which is a full time event management company to assist them .

About a preety girl to act as our promoter, its not a problem to look for them but it will be a problem to pay them ..ehehe. Anyway , thanks a lot for your idea..we may discuss this further.


" Top Gun "

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